Friday, 28 June 2013


You might remember that black fox doll I was working on. Yeah, I never posted a picture of her finished, so here is a complete update, pictures from the beginning to the real "birth".

I always start with the face. Usually I use some air drying clay which works find for that kind of face and snout. Currently I am trying some new things, but I am fighting with myself...

When I am cutting all the parts and sewing them together I am often working on the floor, since I don't have a table that is big enough for all of it. And I can vacuum after scattering fake fur everywhere, which is a plus.

A wip pic. Nearly done with sewing everything together.

Done with the body. It has a wire armature inside so it is poseable. This was the first time I worked with an armature, and it was really hard. Sadly, it did not work out completely, one of the ears slipped out but all in all it does not look that bad for my first time. After I finish the body I start to paint the face. I always wait until the whole body is assembled and dyed (I usually dye the body, but black velvet does not show much of anything so I skipped that step) because I try to fit the colors of the face and fur.

Working on the cape. The black lace is lovely, it has the perfect weight for a cloak or cape.

I added a wire to the collar because I wanted the whole thing to look witchy or like an evil queen or something like that.

And here it is, all finished. I really love her look but hate how hard it is to take decent pictures from all the black with my mobile phone. Hope that my camera won't have such a hard time.

Well, I hope you like the whole thing. I will make some decent pictures soon.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Custom Toy Show

This post is really late, but there are so many things to do right now, papers to write and stuff to learn for university. And I am working on some experiments as well!

The Custom Toy show took place at U5undvierzig and it was my first show, so I was superhyped. So hyped that I forgot to bring my own camera, so all pictures here are courtesy of Patrick Weinhofer. The show took place on my birthday, which was awesome. I was very nervous because I have never showed my dolls outside the internet, and it is a very different feeling, having people comment on your art right into your face. But everything went well. I was super nervous because I am not used to being "outside" and at "social events" but I made some friends anyway.

And I wish I could display my dolls as beautiful as that at home, but sadly, I don't have neither the space nor the materials. Maybe when I have a bigger apartment or even a studio.

Albino Deer and Rodrik

Sophie and Frida

Albino Deer (Custom Raffi) Close-up

There were so many awesome toys. 

You can see all of the pics over here, so go have a look!

I am already working on some new dolls, but it is taking a bit longer than usual since I am experimenting with new materials. The clay I usually work with is a bit to fragile for the deer doll I am planning right now.

Wish me luck with that!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Why I haven't posted in quite some time...

I am not dead, and this blog is neither.

Four weeks ago the side of my belly started to hurt. I thought it was only muscle pain, maybe I was tense because I tend to tense up when I sit on the couch and sew a lot. But the pain did not go away, and I started to have a fever instead. On monday three weeks ago my boyfriend decided to call an ambulance and they brought me to the hospital. It turned out that I had Pyelonephritis and I spend the rest of the next week in hospital.

So yeah... I am better now. I learned that I should listen to my body because hospital visits are no fun, especially if syringes creep you out. And I already felt better after three days in hospital but they were waiting for my blood tests, so it took me a week to get out. But even with the free time on my hand, I did not draw much.

The white walls were not very motivating. 

All I wanted to say is, well, I'm back and will post some more in the next week. I finished some stuff in the last two weeks and have some plans for more to come. I guess you could say, stay tuned... if you were stuck in the 90s or something...