Saturday, 3 August 2013

Black Unicorn

As promised, here is the process post of the black unicorn. The process for this one was basically the same as for the white unicorn, except that I added the hair at the beginning. That way I did not have to worry about a seam at the top of the head, but it made the whole process much more complicated because the curly hair was sticking to everything and started to look gray when I sanded the head down, because the dust clung to the fake hair.

I started with an aluminium foil, wire and sticky tape armature and glued the hair to the back of the head into a deep cut I made with a scalpel. I used a lot of glue and it was a messy affair.

This is with the first layer of clay added. I wrapped the hair in foil so it did not get stuck to the clay. The nostrils look really stubby and kind of awkward here, so I changed them the next day.

I looked up some pictures of draft horses and changed the nostrils that way. And I added a little beard which you can barely see in any picture because the head is always resting on the chin.

The base coat of the unicorn is black gesso. I like the idea of the big black unicorn head but it was hard to add any details like I did with the white unicorn, and taking pictures is kind of hard.


Here it is, all finished. It has a gilded horn as well, and yellow-ish eyes. And you can see the beard in this picture. There is nothing else to say, except that I really like handling the two heads, but I put them away for now because i want to use a mat varnish and I have not found one yet that won't turn yellow after some time.