Monday, 22 April 2013

Work in Progress

I first planned to have a "Work in Progress" post on sunday, since it kind of made sense. But then again, isn't monday a much nicer day to think about the things that are waiting for me than sunday? It is the beginning of the week and I can have an eye on all the things that I want to finish. Well, here it is, the things I am currently working on. A custom vinyl toy. I bought it because it sparked an idea in me, but, like always, it feels like I went a bit overboard with it. I'm glad that I had some of that extra light air drying clay at home, so the antlers were no problem.

The second one is a sketch for a drawing I am working on. It is Sleipnir, a horse from old norse mythology and it is supposed to be for an art trade. I fear I might not be done by the end of April but I will give my best to finish it.

I am drowning in University related work, so the chances are not very high that I will finish one of the two.

Hope that May will be better

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hi there,

this will be my millionth time to try and have a blog. I am pretty bad at writing blog posts in general, because I am used to writing short stuff. And whenever I visit other peoples blogs they all have super pretty pictures and I simply.. don't. But I will try hard. So.. see you around...