Friday, 26 September 2014

"Sacrifice" Papercraft

I love doing Papercrafts, but between university and my dolls there is just not much time for these. Often I have ideas and sketch them out to just forget about them again. I had this one planned for some time and finally found the time to prepare my workspace, which means getting rid of my sewing and sculpting stuff. This piece is still available in my shop.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cordelia the Unicorn

This is Cordelia. Cordelia is a child of summer, born in the days of the first warm sunbeams. Sometimes the summer heat is too much for her and she hides in the depths of the woods, spending her time swimming in hidden lakes and looking for the perfect caves and crevices to build her home. Her horn is pure crystal and gold, giving her the ability to cleanse and heal the bodies and spirits of critters and plants living in the woods.

I did some things different for Cordelia, and I learned a lot of things. I am still not good at making patterns, the arms and feet always turn out way too slim. It is the same mistake I make with every doll, but one day I will learn! Her face is not simply glued on, which was a real challenge. And I changed her face halfway through but I really like how the crystal horn and the leaf gold accents turned out in the end. I fell in love with this little one, her colours and the lace-y cape and the beautiful fabric I used for her.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hugo and Hedwig

"Hedwig, the Sower of Stars"

When the sun decides to settle Hedwig awakens in the depths of her cave. She and her sisters and brothers leave their home and start to place the stars while day turns to night. When the last ray of sunlight disappears behind the mountains, Hedwig is done with her work and enjoys the stars while training her whistling skills.

"Hugo, the Bringer of Spring"

Even before the last snow melts, Hugos work begins. He soars through the sky, dipped in moonlight, sprinkling the earth with seeds and dewdrops from his pouch. Even though one might not think of him as the sensitive type, given his grim exterior and sometimes grumpy behavior, he enjoys caring for the fragile seeds and plants and newly blossomed flowers.